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No lube

January 22nd, 2007 · No Comments

Time: Saturday night
Place: TES party at Paddles

Kate showed up at the party wearing her Lolita outfit. A plaid flannel shirt and Wesco engineer boots. That’s what she wears when she wants to emulate me. When I see her dressed like that, it always makes me smile. Of course she did have to strip down for play. She complained a bit about the cold. The club was not warm enough for naked people. But I sniffed the sweat in her pits, “Gee, you don’t smell like you are cold.”
“Well, I’ve been running around all day and didn’t shower before coming out. I know you like a bit of an aroma.”
Kate is thoughtful.

Originally I was going to do a flogging scene with her. I had obtained a new soft deerskin flogger which I knew she would like, but on the day of the party I was more in a rope mood, which was okay with Kate. Later at the party as we started with the ropes, she told me, “I like doing all sorts of things with you, but it’s rope that makes me really hot.”

I laid the ropes on her. She told me that her nipples were still a bit sore from last weekend. I took that as an invitation to torture them a little more. Just a little. And then, after a slight equipment fright, I got her suspended with her legs apart. This was more fun than using an actual sling. But, damn, I forgot to pack lube! But I could smell her and it wasn’t just sweat. She was wet. Very wet. Lube was not a necessity right then. I slid my fingers into her and she loved it from the first touch. She swung in the air as I worked my fingers and hands every which way so that I could get different responses from her.

A date with Kate is almost always a guaranteed good time. It wasn’t always that way. I think she’s lightened up over the years and has learned to just allow herself to enjoy. Lucky me.

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