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Q & A about NYC Clubs

December 28th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Here’s a question from a reader:

Q. What’s up with TES and it’s itinerant groups (Dom/Sub friends, etc)? The problem seems to be that alot of straight-up SM events/clubs don’t allow sex. That’s gotta suck, or am I just an insatiable whore? I mean, after I get spanked I like to get fucked in my ass or pussy; or if I’m doing the spanking, flogging, whatever, I wanna be able to fuck someone’s ass or lick someone’s beautiful hot cunt or suck some dick, y’know? Pardon the crude language. 🙂 So where’s a woman to go???

A. The reason these sexual acts are not allowed at TES and other SM events and clubs in NYC is a matter of law.

“The State Sanitary Code” ( Section 24-2 ) Prohibited Facilities!
(Statutory authority: Public Health Law {s 225 {4},[5]{aD
24-2.2 PROHIBITED FACILITIES. , No Establishment shall make facilities available for the purpose of Sexual activities where anal intercourse, vaginal intercourse, or fellatio take place. Such facilities shall constituent a threat to the public health.

Document: # 4 New York City Department of Health Memorandum Dated May 4 , 1994.
The D.O.H. consulted with City attorneys to whether the Sanitary Code Provisions about “Anal intercourse” ,”Vaginal intercourse” or “Fellatio” covers “Penetration with a “sexual toy” Covered by a Condom, fisting . The attorneys concluded that these practices were not covered. The D.O.H. section on Gay & Lesbian Education advised the use of Water soluble lube & gloves.

Back during the AIDS crisis, the city had closed all the sex clubs. The club owners got together with the government officials and hammered out these rules as a compromise so they could reopen.

We have recently seen the unfortunate closing of El Mirage by the Health Department due to violations of these rules. Any establishment that allows these practices is liable to get shut down. The reason some establishments exist is that they are flying under the radar or they have set themselves up to not be public. For instance, the gay baths can exist because all activities happen in private rooms where they can’t be seen by inspectors.

TES events are open to the public. You pay an entrance fee and you are allowed in. TES has a duty to protect its members and operate within the law. Of course, I am not speaking for TES in an official capacity.

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  • 1 Tom Paine // Jan 2, 2007 at 12:45 pm

    Found you from Viviane. My blog is “Polyamorously Perverse.” Please drop by for a visit sometime. And congrats on your presentation at TES.

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