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October 3rd, 2006 · No Comments

After I taught the Caning class for CAPEX and before the play party, we went to dinner at Lava Bistro. I ate the Charleston Shrimp-N-Grits. Yum! There were about 14 people at the table. NCBluezMan sat at the end. He looked like a real redneck: jeans, beer gut, goatee, tattoos and a heavy southern accent. His cheesecake had been served. He pulled a chair close to him and motioned me to sit by him. I wasn’t budging from my seat. He patted the seat, “C’mon.” I didn’t move.

“C’mon, Princess, sit over here by me and I’ll feed you some of my cheesecake.” I relented and slid over to sit by him. The cheesecake had fresh strawberries on the side, whipped cream on top, and both strawberry and chocolate sauces drizzled over it. It was gorgeous. He dug into the cake and prepared a perfectly proportioned bite with a balance of cheesecake, strawberries, whipped cream and sauce. He fed me the first bite. Delicious.

He prepared another perfect bite. I figured it was for him, but, no, he was feeding it to me. I savored the bite and ate it very slowly. Again, he prepared a bite and wanted to feed it to me. I did not open my mouth. “C’mon, Princess.” I did not open my mouth. “Open.” This sounded more like an order. I opened my mouth and took the bite.

Another forkful came my way. I didn’t really want any more. He looked at me, “Open up, Princess.” I did not want to say no. I opened my mouth and took it. He laughed and leaned over to me, “Who’s your Daddy?”

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