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The Continuing Seduction of Jefferson

September 25th, 2006 · 2 Comments

I managed to score a real play date with Jefferson. Sunday after breakfast. He wanted to be tied up and even suspended. We finally had gorgeous sunny warm weather and I was tempted to do this outside from a tree, but I thought about how handy the winch in the dungeon would be.

Viviane and Selina came along. Viviane really wanted to learn rope right then and there. “Viviane, I will teach you rope, but this is not the time. I don’t want this to be a lesson. I want to focus on Jefferson. This is about me and him. You can stay and watch. And I promise I will teach you at another time.” She was cool about it.

Jefferson stripped. I teased his body with the rope. We kissed. I started laying the rope on him really slow. I wanted this to last. I tied a little and we kissed some more. Real slow and easy. I made extra wraps so that the bondage would be extra comfortable and that he would be able to stay up longer.

I talked to him while I tied. Maybe I babbled. I don’t remember much about what I said to him. I know one thing I talked about was Joseph Bean and seducing consent from a bottom. And that was exactly what I was doing.

I finally took his legs out from under him and he was floating face down. “Is this comfortable for you?” I did some adjusting and tied his hands to his sides. Secure. Whirr! I pressed the button on the winch and Jefferson went up high in the air so that I could kiss him some more without straining my back (because it’s all about my comfort, you know). I grabbed a length of hot pink parachute cord and tied his cock and balls. I gently pulled on the cord and his whole body moved back and forth. His cock moved in and out of my mouth. I love being a lazy cocksucker.

Whirr! I pressed the button and lowered him. In keeping with the lazy top construct, I lay on the mat beneath him and used my bare feet on him. I pushed on his chest and played his nipples with my toes. And then I grabbed the parachute cord between my toes and pulled. I stuck my other foot in his face. He gnawed on my toes.

And then it was time for him to come down. Down from the suspension but not out of the rope. I did not want this to end. I took out a bag of clamps. He watched as I put a clamp on each of my own nipples. And then I put some on his nipples. He had to accept that – not only was he tied and unable to resist, but there’s that idea that if I could do it, so should he.

And, if I were a guy with balls, I may have also put some on my balls, but oh, well. I changed the configuration of the parachute cord on him and added a couple of clamps to his balls. And then I used the cord to tie up his cock. I tucked a mini vibrator in with the cord for a little pleasure. I am very nice. I added more clamps to his balls.

I love clamps. They are a no-safeword scene. Once they’re on, no matter what you say, no matter how much you want to stop, they still have to somehow come off. Even if you have to do it yourself. I enjoyed explaining this to Jefferson, even though he is very smart and knows this. A little reiteration can enhance the dread of their having to be removed. He took it well.

Jefferson tested the ropes. Just how far would he be able to go in them? And then he just dove forward and began to fly. Great fun. He was Peter Pan (and we agreed definitely the Mary Martin version). I worried that he would hit his head on the scaffolding, so I ended that.

We were both pretty giddy and it was lunch time already, so I took him out of the ropes. I reached down and grabbed the pink parachute cord that had been around his cock and balls. I made four wraps around his neck and tied it off in a way that would not tighten down. I demonstrated how I could grab the rope and pull him towards me for a kiss. It looked like a collar, but I never defined it as such.

Later, he wore the cord to class and he wore it to the awards dinner and he was still wearing the cord when he and Viviane and Selina were leaving Sunday night.

“Do you want me to take that off of you?”
“Are you the only one who can remove it?

Wow, that was a really good question. But I did not have to think about it too much. It would have been inappropriate to start adding rules around it after I had put it on him.

“Anyone can remove it. I just figured that you were going back to the real world. There’s New Jersey Turnpike rest stops. Maybe you have a doorman or something…It’s very bright and pink”

“No, I want to keep it on.”

That made me very happy. I pulled the cord and kissed him.

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  • 1 Viviane // Sep 26, 2006 at 11:30 am

    I enjoyed seeing that pink rope around Jefferson’s neck, and knowing what it symbolized. He didn’t take it off until he was home.

    I have a Peter Pan story for you.

  • 2 Viviane // Aug 9, 2007 at 4:36 pm

    That rope makes you look fat, Jefferson. ;-D

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