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September 21st, 2006 · 2 Comments

Some guy shows up at my Spanking class late, and right away he challenges me. I put him in his place because I am right and he is wrong. I am not sure who this guy is but there is something about him that I like.

At dinner I find out that guy is Marcus. He is Jefferson’s best friend for 20 years. They fuck each other and they fuck each other’s girlfriends. There is something about him that I like. Later that night Marcus goes down on The Clown. Twice. He blows me and he blows my mind.

And yes, I do like him. On some level we are kindred spirits. He’s a maniac but we are comfortable with each other. BT said late on Sunday, “You two bicker like you are married.” We both turned to him and at the same time and said, “We’re New York Jews.”

Marcus inspires me and emboldens me. Like, he hurts his knee after dinner on Saturday (naked men’s wrestling), comes back from the hospital on crutches and goes straight to Sexorama and dives right into to everything. Until Marcus got there I was being shy and not doing much. Watching him and Jefferson just kind of empowered me to let loose a bit.

M had impeccable timing. She was back after after last year’s spanking (I made her pay me $300 Kundalini Kash for it). She was wearing a black lace dress that looked very sexy against her Latin complexion. It was her old prom dress but the bows had come off and it was looking a bit shabby – perfect for camp. “Oh, Lolita, please spank me. You’re the best.” I gabbed her by the hair, dragged her into the Orgy Room, bent her over and started spanking her hard with my gloved hand. I was really rough on her, choking, spanking, pulling her hair to the point that I ripped her dress. But it was exactly what we both needed right then and there. It got me all worked for later.

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  • 1 Jefferson // Sep 24, 2006 at 1:01 am

    Just to clarify: Marcus has always fucked my gilrfriends, and fallen for a few.

    To date, he’s never shared a girlfriend with me.

    But hey, it’s only been a couple of decades. There’s always hope.

  • 2 marcus // Sep 25, 2006 at 11:47 pm

    i shared Lolita.

    (for the record.)

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