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September 21st, 2006 · No Comments

It’s around 2am on Friday night. Viviane and I stroll from the Midnight snack over to the Polymorphous Perverts. Jefferson is in the hot tub with a whole mess of people and it’s like an orgy and water is sloshing over the sides. He’s clearly happy to see me. I tell him I am on the way back to my cabin and that “I got a sleepover date with a hot girl.”

“Wait for me. I want to walk with you part of the way.” Eventually he extricates himself out of the tub and Viviane hands him his towel. We start walking up the road. Just me and him.

So, like, I’m cool. I can walk. I can talk. Yeah… But, oy! Inside I am just dying.

The back story: I found Jefferson’s profile on the Dark Odyssey Attendees Website a week before the event and on a lark I clicked through onto his blog. Wow! That week I spent an inordinate amount of my free time reading him. We exchanged some messages and emails before camp. I even sent him my story about last year. And then I wrote up a a new vignette from last year as a little gift to him.

And I kept reading. He’s rather prolific. I was fascinated. I was intrigued. I was curious. I was interested. But I’m not stupid. I do not expect anything from the internet to translate into real time. No expectations. And, another thing – maybe he will think I am unattractive. It’s happened before: the times when I finally meet an online contact who had written that they were hot to trot and looking forward to meeting and we finally meet face to face and I say “Hi! I’m Lolita!” all perky and they just look at me and say, “Oh, hi.” and then that is that. Done. Over. So, I have learned from experience. No expectations, no disappointments.

So, anyway, back to my story. We’re walking up the road. Jefferson is barefoot and wearing just a towel that keeps falling off. I don’t remember the conversation. But he starts kissing me in the middle of the road. He’s a good kisser. His towel drops off and we’re just kissing away in the middle of the road. People are walking by and golf cart taxis are whizzing by. He strips my shirt off of me. Two Oink cabinmates walk by and make a wisecrack. I am just focused on Jefferson.

“Don’t you have a sleepover date with a hot girl?”

I look at my watch. It’s 2:40am. “Well, my date is not until 3am.”

Jefferson needs to take a leak and moves off the road to a tree. I want to watch and move over by him. But this big old pine tree is blocking all the light and there is not much I can see.

So, I know I am going to have sex with this guy. Maybe not right now, but it’s going to happen and there’s things that need to be discussed before it gets to that and I figure this is as good a time as any. So, I tell him my issues/limits and it is all cool.

“Anything else, Lolita?” and I’m thinking not really, but I tell him that I worry about being fat and that is my only hang up. He grabs me and drags me past the trees and out onto the grass and throws me down and smacks me really hard across my face. I am shocked. Nobody has hit me like that since 1992. He’s a maniac. He smacks my face twice more. And then he starts kissing me again. And, um, it’s really hot.

And somewhere along all this I have lost my clothes. My shirt is still up there on the side of the road. All I got on is my boots and I am lying naked in the wet grass. And Jefferson is kissing me and I start laughing. Because I can smell the grass and I am convinced there are no bugs. It all feels so good.

Jefferson rolls me over and starts spanking my ass and not the sensuous slow spanking of the sweet spot that I like. “Ow!” And then he flips me over again and straddles me and presses his big cock down into my mouth and it slides down my throat. I can take it. It’s a challenge, but I can take it. He fiercely pumps his cock in my mouth.

“What about your date, Lolita?”

I am like so not worried about my date. “She knows which bed is mine. And, and, I told her just in case I wasn’t there yet that she should just crawl in and start sleeping without me.”

He shoves his cock back in my mouth. I am just totally open for him. He pulls out and dives into my cunt with his mouth and fingers. I look up at the moon and flashback on “no expectations, no disappointments” and meeting Jefferson and his friends at dinner and Jefferson going down on The Clown and now this and I start laughing again. Laughing, because I am really happy. This is just so good.

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