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Looking Thru a Glass Onion: Confessions of The Clown

September 20th, 2006 · No Comments

There were cool posters all over Dark Odyssey advertising Cirkus Erotikus on Friday night. There were many acts: The Strongest Man in the World (punching), Boymeat the Whipmaster (cracking open balloons with Kundalini Kash inside), The Electrical Man (stun guns), The Sword Swallowers (knife play), Caged Animals and more. Down in the lower right was an ad for Go Down On The Clown. Most of the acts featured names but who was The Clown? Tristan said that everyone wanted to know who was The Clown. It was a big secret.

The Clown was a happy clown dressed in big bright clothes with a big red smile, orange braids and a hat with glitter. The Clown danced around kicking up striped socks and big black shiny shoes. And The Clown would pull up her dress to reveal bloomers and a big black cock. “Suck my dick!” she bellowed.

And the campers lined up. Some were timid and admitted that they had never before sucked a cock. And some were bold and voraciously swallowed the cock down whole. Some were egged on by their partners. Some were scared and ran away. Some needed direction, “Harder, faster, deeper!” and some were experts.

The Clown paid out Kundalini Kash to everyone who went down. “You need practice because you are terrible at this, but here’s $200 for trying.” The amounts varied. Only Marcus and Little Juliann earned the top amount of $500. Those two know how to suck cock and they look good doing it! The secret to looking good is copious amounts of drool.

On the way out, Marcus accosted The Clown, “I’ve been offered $300 Kundalini Kash if I go down on a woman and out of everybody here, I thought about you first. Will you do it?”

The Clown was very flattered, but not stupid. “You are getting $300? You need to give me $100 of that and then I will do it.”

Marcus was having none of that. “Go negotiate $500 for me and I will give you $100.”

Ya, right. The Clown went and negotiated $300 for herself so that Marcus could have his $300. The cock came off and the bloomers were pulled down and The Clown positioned herself on a massage table. Marcus dove in and did quite a nice job. Everybody got paid.

Well, here’s another clue for you all, The Clown was Lolita.

Suck my big black dick!

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