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June 28th, 2005 · No Comments

Volume 11, Number 2 © Copyright 2005 by Lolita Wolf – Material may not be reproduced in whole or in part without prior written consent of the copyright holder. The views expressed herein are exclusively those of the author and do not represent the views of any other person or any organization with which the author may be associated.


“Make it a rule of life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can’t build on it; it’s only for wallowing in.”

– Katherine Mansfield


The P+P has been on hiatus for the last six months because I have been unable to write about my life. My relationship with Neptune was falling apart for the past year and I did not know how to write about it. I tried so hard to make it work. The first five and a half years were very wonderful and I had hoped that it would last forever. The collar came off in January and he moved out in April. This past weekend we totally called it quits.

I’m in a lot of emotional pain right now. It’s over and I have no hope of resurrecting it or fixing it. But a part of me is very relieved that it is finally over. I am free to move on. Dare I say that I deserve better?


Despite breaking up with the love of my life at LR, camp was great! People who love me and who are constant and supportive friends in my life surrounded me. And there was minimal drama.

For the most part, my classes went very well. Four women bottomed in my spanking class, slutboy was in awe as I did all sorts of nasty thing to him in CBT class, and I wanted the piercing and impact class to really last longer and be more of a scene. The Amazing Animal Show had seven entrants in spite of the heat and humidity. We had five ponies, an ocelot and a parrot. Wild Poni won Best in Show.

I had some wonderful scenes. Play started early with a marvelous singletail scene with teresa. She will take a while to heal from that. I traded an hour of hair-brushing for a one hour full body massage with J. Julia gifted me a set of hand-finished hemp rope – 490 feet! I suspended her and she was up for about an hour. I did a caning with someone who wanted to cry and I made her cry – she wants to play again, and we will.

On Saturday night, after I judged the strip show, I was given a bottom in a hood who didn’t know who I was. Luckily I had teresa to assist me because he would not recognize her voice like he would have mine. Before we did anything, I danced with him. This was very amusing because he is not a dancer and it really disoriented him. Then we trundled into a golf cart to the main dungeon, where there was some more dancing music playing so we danced some more. We then led him to a table and I inspected him through his clothes, felling every inch of his body. I added vet wrap and leather straps over the hood just to intensify the sensation and because I liked the way it looked. We stripped off his clothes and wrapped him in saran and then the shroud. We duct taped over that and placed him on the table and added rope and then duct taped a Hitachi in place. I took a walk and left him with teresa who added three stuffed animals to the set-up – LOL. I returned after a while and adjusted the Hitachi and then he begged to come – we let him. When the hood came off, he was very surprised to see us!!

Boymeat and I finally had our photo shoot with Barbara Nitke. It was a cathartic flogging and singletail scene and it ended with me bleeding along with him. I can’t wait to see the photos.

Other highlights at camp were dealing blackjack at the casino and driving a taxi cab. We gave a lot of rides and we specialized in sex rescue work. Here are two incidents: We passed a girl who was sucking this guy’s gorgeous cock and she called out to us. “Could we do her a favor?” She had to pee and wanted us to get her friend. “Do you need to pee on your friend?” I asked. She told us that she needed her friend to suck the guy’s cock. So, we went and found the friend, told her about the mission and she hopped in the cab with us and we brought her back. Incident number two: Andy had to rush from the dungeon to his cabin and back for a Hitachi emergency. “They’ve only got battery-operated vibrators there and it’s not working!” We got him there in time to help his friend out with the scene.

To top it all off, Oink Cabin won n ribbon for funniest cabin. We are now the award-winning Oink Canin. I am so proud!

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Boymeat and I headed down to Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend (MAL) in DC. We took along the charming Bad Faggot. He is a great conversationalist who has insights on a wide variety of topics. Like, did you know that Eastern Parkway is the spine of Long Island? And Bad Faggot was an MAL virgin, not ever imagining so many leathermen in one place.

The host hotel is the Washington Plaza and it is always very exciting to drive into t town and see the flags waving – gay pride, leather pride, bear pride, American, Canadian, etc, and to see people dressed in leathers strolling between the hotels and the 24 hour (very convenient) CVS.

AJ met up with us in DC and we all shared a suite across Thomas Circle at the Residence Inn by Marriott, a very nice place to stay for MAL. We lucked out and scored a handicap suite with a huge bathroom with a drain in the middle of the floor. It was late when we got in. The boys went to hang in the lobby (one of the highlights of the weekend) and AJ and I went to the women’s play party at The Crucible. There were about 70 women there and many were playing. I found a cross and flogged AJ with no bondage. With AJ, I like her to stand there and take it. Then I single-tailed her and raised a little blood, not too much.

On Saturday, we registered and headed over to Hamburger Mary’s for breakfast. No MAL weekend is complete without at least one meal here. Then we went upstairs to Titan’s Bar for the MAsT Meet & Greet. Master Taino announced the Master/slave Conference, which will be held in DC at the end of July. Vi Johnson will be the keynote speaker and I will be one of the emcees!

Afterwards, we headed back to the host hotel for a trip through vending. The market was totally nutty, because everyone was there and had to say hello. I did get to visit and shop with my favorite vendors: CJ’s Leathers, Mr S (where AJ tried on a fabulous hood), Leatherwerks (which always seems to get bigger and bigger), Fort Troff and Leather Creations. And Purple Passion had some very exciting neoprene – yum yum. Although I love Utlikilts, I found their salespeople to be annoying and pushy – ugh!

Leather Cocktails with its huge Ice sculpture, open bar, hot appetizers and cold shrimp is the highlight of the weekend. This year we were back at the Almas Temple – it seems they think we are good guests. I like that it walking distance to the hotels – Boymeat, however, misses the blowjobs he would get on the bus! Everyone wears they finest outfits to this event. With this year’s theme being military, we saw a lot of spiffy uniforms. This is when you really get a feel for the event being a club run: Centaurs members who passed away are memorialized, a ritual is led to induct the new officers and there is a parade of club colors.

Afterward the boys went off to the men’s play party at The Crucible and AJ and I headed out to the Ramada for the BR Volunteers party. It was cool to see a whole different crowd. We ate and socialized but there was no way we could play – the dungeon was too chilly. So we headed back to the room for some rope, saran wrap , duct tape, hood, more rope and vibratory goodness. The metal bed frame on the pullout couch was perfect for this. While AJ floated off to other spaces, I checked email and was very comfortable.

The next day was the contest, again at the Almas Temple. I always try to get there on time so I can see the opening number. Once again this show did not disappoint me. A commando raid was staged to rescue Tug Taylor, last year’s winner. This year’s entertainment was Sandra Bernhardt. She did an opening set and another one while the scores were being tallied. She was pretty funny and totally did not understand the leather title contest or all the guys wearing uniforms. The contest was run quickly with bar wear, questions, and jockstrap wear. In the end, the winner was Steve Ranger.

The bootblack contest was held amid a lot of controversy. I was vert disappointed that this year MAL dropped the judging and went back to ballots only. Congrats to the winner, Boi Robi.


Submitted by AJ Stalkerboy

That was fun. After brunch we went back to the hotel to collect our bags and Lolita removed my collar. That is always a very tough moment for me. When Lolita asked me if I had fun I responded by saying “I can’t believe I am saying this but between the beat down on Friday, coffee and caning, sensory dep and the pee scene, I think I am actually played out.” I guess there is a bottom to what appears to be a never ending well of wanting play.

I need to report one very cool thing that happened on this trip. Lolita had a Papa Bear. I really liked Bear. We played several times and talked at events. Bear was very comfortable and familiar to me. Despite her wicked play ways (grin) I always felt safe with Bear. In away she reminded me a lot of my own Grandfather to whom I was very close. Bear died awhile back. Before bear died we had a conversation that I still remember as clear as day. Not so much because she yelled at me (in a loving way). But because of what she said. Bear is the reason I started this diet with the Atkins diet a few years back. She made me promise to take are of myself. I am keeping the promise even as the reasons for doing so change and the motivation differs from time to time.

When Lolita’s Daddy got to DC I was given one of Bears old uniforms. It was a gesture that was very kind. An honor. I have lost a boat load of weight so the uniform is too big. I can wear the shirt with jeans and I am hoping the tailor can do her miracle work on the pants. But to have been thought of was very touching and really made me happy. Thanks to Lolita’s Mommy and Daddy for thinking of me. This really touched my heart.

And to Lolita. Thank you for another opportunity to serve you. These are the times when I am most happy. As we do this year after year, it never gets old for me. Your humor, your willingness, your teaching, your friendship, your great aim and your sense of life and fun are all great gifts in my life. I really appreciate you and look forward to the next time.

**** Thanks to AJ for writing this report. ****


Boymeat and I headed on the road again on Friday January 21. This time we headed north to Boston. Every year our friends host a big weekend play party at the Arisia Science Fiction Convention at the Boston Park Plaza. Usually it is held during MLK weekend and we always have to say no because MAL takes first priority. This year the con screwed up their dates and was held a week later so we decided to go. Neither of us had ever been to a sci fi con before. The people and the workshops are pretty outlandish – look who’s talking, I know :pot – kettle –black! We did not participate in much of the conference, using our time to play and connect with friends. One way we connected was to go out for Dim Sum. We were eight adults and two two year olds. Up to now, I had only seen pictures and read about the kids on Live Journal so it was really cool to meet the kids in person.

The one workshop that looked interesting was Perpetually Poly with Alex Wexelblatt. But I missed that is favor of a play date with someone who is in a poly relationship (whose lover just played with Boymeat two hours earlier). So I was practicing poly instead of learning more about it. So this was a first time date for her and me. I tied her in a ball tie on the bed and spanked her. I then forced her to eat Clementines.

We watched as our friend Andy dressed as Captain Kirk and his five luscious Star Trek babes competed in the Masquerade. They won Best Of Show! Afterwards I had a date with one of the luscious babes – Julia! Julia had some back pain because her costume was constructed in a way that she could not sit down in it. She had been standing in silver lame go go boots for over 7 hours. I knew that therapeutic bondage was in order. I wrapped her head in hot pink vet wrap and laid her down on her pink Hello Kitty blankie. I put pillows under her head and her lower hips to cradle her and relieve the lower back stress. I tied her legs straight up in the air and her arms to the side. Not willing to just leave her alone, I chewed on her and used my knife on her. That, and a little bit of singletail, too. A little squealing and squirming is a good thing.

And then there was this lost boy who was there without his top or his Daddy. I love to prey on lost boys. I punched him and kicked and then, because there was a blizzard outside, I took him back to my room. He had to endure a caning the next day and was surprised at just how sensual a caning could be.

The drive home was intense because there was a real blizzard and the city was shut down for driving. We managed to get out and drive home. Boymeat was pretty scared for all of MA and RI.


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Have fun! Play safe!
Lolita Wolf

Lolita speaking only for Lolita, of course!

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