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June 20th, 2003 · No Comments


June 18, 2003

Volume 9, Number 23

© Copyright 2003 by Lolita Wolf

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the author and do not represent the views of any

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“….. a man who made the Marquis de Sade look like

Pat Boone.”

– Grant Stoddard, writing about Manflesh aka

Boymeat on




Leather Pride Night happened Saturday night in the

elegant Puck Building. Twelve diverse groups came

together to work and put this event on and it was

fabulous. Everyone was there! I worked with Andrew

to coordinate the volunteers. Over 150 people

volunteered along with 50 presenters and about 30

staff. It takes a lot of people to make this event h

appen and every one of them is important and


I bought $40 worth of raffles tickets from Puppy, who

wore a Mr S butt plug puppy tail which wagged every

time she moved. $10 is supposed to be crotch to floor.

Puppy somehow had me bosom to floor around the

ankles and back up again. I won three raffle prizes: a

couples membership to TES which I will give to Neptune,

a subscription to The Leather Journal which I will use to

renew my subscription and a Shotgun video. It just

proves that you have to be in it to win it.

I browsed the flea market and found Carol Queen’s

Exhibitionism For The Shy and a book from 1981,

“Fantoccini: A Little Book Of Memories” by Kirby

Congdon. Then I also grabbed a barefoot bondage

magazine from the 70’s. I presented that to Boymeat

who looked at it real quick and said, “Thanks, I can

jerk off to that.”

The auction seemed to go really fast this year and I

missed some items that were of interest to me. Other

items just went for too much money. I did manage to

snag a poster for Charles Gatewood’s Dances Sacred

and Profane with Fakir on it, a perfed leather hood by

Leather Creations, a pair of house seats for Thoroughly

Modern Millie and two hours of dungeon time at Arena.

So I really did score.

Numbers are still not finalized. I’ll report them when

they are.




On Friday night, Neptune, Bridgett and I attended the

Northeast LeatherSir and boy contest at The Slide Bar

down on the Bowery. We had dinner first at one of my

favorite restaurants, Marion’s. Apparently, The Slide

and Marion’s are owned by the same person.

There was a nice turnout for a NYC contest and the

venue was the perfect size. There were not many

contestants. andy fischman of New York City was the

only boy contestant and he was judged on points with

a high enough score to be the winner. Two contestants

ran for the LeatherSir title: Bob Forbes of Syracuse and

Drew Kramer of Jersey City. Bob Forbes was the winner.

One thing that I thought was really cool is the

presentation of gift certificates from The Leather Man to

Coyote (NELS 2002) and Rob Hargrave (NELb 2002).

The previous producer (Davian) disappeared with the

prizes and the proceeds of the 2002 contest and gave

them no support. This was a nice consolation prize a

year later.




So this creep named Grant Stoddard, posing as a

novice, signs up for Leather Retreat and gets a ride to

camp with Boymeat. Boymeat, being the friendly and

generous guy, takes Grant under his wing and tells him

all sorts of stuff about himself and camp and introduces

Grant to his friends. Turns out Grant is an undercover

reporter for which is supposed to be a

sophisticated sex-positive website. Grant writes

clueless and judgmental “dispatches” betraying the

trust and friendliness that he received at camp. Frankly,

I find Grant to be whiney and pathetic. See the story at

There was a feedback section but it got taken down.

They say the story will be consolidated and a new

feedback section will be up on Friday. In the meantime,

if you wish to send feedback, send email

Michael Martin – Editor-in-chief at and

Grant Stoddard – Associate Editor at

You can see what Grant looks like at

(Make sure you scroll down to the picture of him

pissing off the roof onto the neighbor’s patio.)




By Kayla

So, our favorite BDSM “newbie”, Grant, left out some

interesting details from our scene on Thursday night,

so I thought I’d share them with you all, since he has

no problem sharing other people’s details.

After Amanda and I finished lightly flogging him and

running our nails over his body and just generally

groping him, he asked us if he could jerk off. We

untied his hands and obliged his request. While he

was jerking off, Amanda and I were making out with

each other and with him, one of us in front of him, the

other behind him. After about 10 minutes, Stacy came

into the scene and told him that he had to stop, he

was taking too long. The look of slight horror on his

face was priceless. It’s even better now that I know

it was all somewhat of an illusion. So, I held his arms

back while Stacy started topping Amanda a little bit.

Eventually, I let him go back to jerking off and after

about 10 more minutes, he finally came. Then, Stacy

and I took finger fulls of his own cum and fed it to him

as he eagerly swallowed it. Yum!

I also have first-hand knowledge that Grant actually

participated in the orgy in the group grope room. I

specifically remember having my hand on his dick once

again as he fondled and made out with others.

Thanks for the memories…


**** Thanks to Kayla for filling us in on the juicy

details. *****




The third national conference for the younger

generation of the BDSM community is set for

September 19th to 21st in New York City TNG3 is a

weekend-long event designed for BDSM enthusiasts

ages 18 to 35 (significant others outside the age range

are welcome) where you will get to know each other,

share ideas, network, and build the relationships that

will become the future of the BDSM scene in this

country and beyond.

The schedule includes walking tours of New York’s

kinky locales, three tracks of presentations, open-forum

discussions about who we are and where we’re going,

a crafters’ session where you can learn about building

your own toys, and three all-out-beyond-belief-we-

promise-no-Enigma-in-the-music parties! On top of all

this, building on the best attractions of past conferences,

even more opportunities for socializing have been added.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive full access to the

TNG3 web portal, where you can create your own profile

and browse those of other attendees. Costs have been

trimmed to the bone and incidental expenses will be

minimal. Info:




Thanks to my sponsors!

924-215Y Dr. Vittoria Repetto, 285 West B’way #530,

NYC 10013, 212-431-3724, Dedicated to providing my

patients with the holistic therapies and personalized

education they need to regain and maintain their

optimal health. I respect all consensual choices. One

of the Top Ten NYC Chiropractors: New Life Magazine,

Sept 2001.

925-218Y Purple Passion / DV8, we have one of the

largest selections of corsets, leather, latex & PVC

clothing for men and women. We do custom corsets,

clothing and harnesses. Our current featured artists

are Michelle Serchuck and Adriana Skura. Hours:

Wed Noon-7pm, Thurs & Fri Noon-9pm, Sat Noon-8pm

Sun Noon-7pm. Mon & Tues Noon-7pm. 211 West 20th

Street. Tel 212-807-0486,


instructional video is now available. Learn basic &

advanced throws. Learn how to practice. Learn how

to use a signal whip on someone from light & sensual

to heavy & intense. Includes four actual scenes. Only

$35.00 + shipping & handling.

924-257T Touch your submissive with the power of

thought. Now you can own a radio controlled TENS like

E-Toy for only $75. The Wired Dom/Domme (TWD-1) is

available from Uncle Abdul…….. The man who wrote THE

book on E-Play (“JUICE”). Visit

http://www.Uncle now for more info and

important sense saving safety tips on violet wand use.


Counseling; 20 yrs. of caring for L/G/B/T, BDSM & Poly

communities. Offices in Highland Park, Freehold and

Jersey City, NJ. 24 therapists on staff. Dr. Margaret

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Gift certificates available & home visits if necessary.

Appointment only – weekend & evenings available.

Teaneck, NJ (5) minutes from the George Wash. Bridge.

201 280-1976 or Brochure

available upon request w/ introductory offer.

923-265A Explore the heat, heart, & spirit of SM. Cleo

Dubois Academy and Sybil Holiday offer EROTIC


(Players course); October 2-5, 2003 (Professional course)

In San Francisco, CA. Limited to 8 students only. These

intimate four day courses develop play skills & personal

empowerment. Info: Cleo Dubois Academy of SM Arts

924-266B Madame Sang is leaving La Domaine

Esemar. Master R is conducting an extensive search

for her replacement. If you are interested in being

Head Mistress at an S/m training chateau, living in

upstate NY, training house/personal slaves, guest

couples, clients, etc., send an email, with background

skills, to:

925-267B Subscribe to SteelSkys Lifestyle Events:

Subscribe to SteelSkys Leather Playground:

926-269B Saturday July 26 – Libertine Ball V: A

Midsummer Mardi Gras Masquerade – Philadelphia’s

sizzling summer fantasy Ball. Join international

performers, players, deejays, dancers and

dungeonmeisters for a fabulous frolic though our

HUGE new venue.18 to enter/ 21 to drink. $20 thru

6/30, $30 7/21-25 or $40 @door. A portion of the

proceeds will provide seed money for the

Diabolique Ball Kickoff.

922-270A THE BARONESS, New York’s Premiere

Designer of Elegant Provocative Latex Fashions for

men and women of all sizes. Providing a range of

latex fashions from; daring, sophisticated, or formal,

Fit for Royalty” Custom Couture, & Bizarre Rubber

Creations for the sophisticated fetishist . Featured

in The Fashion Institute’s Museum, countless

publications, as well as on HBO. On line catalogue

at For appointments

212-529-5964. Wholesale and Retail.

Your ad could be here! Email me if you are interested.




Friday 6.20 NYC

LSM’s Next Meeting and Program. 8pm Business for

Members Only. 8:45-10pm Program: Shaving with

Naughty Nancy. Cut to the chase. Is there a docile,

well behaved bottom who needs a new “do”? Or is

there a resistant switch who needs to be put in a

bottom head space in order to play further? There’s

nothing like a very sharp edge securely placed on one’s

privates to stop breath and motion. Start stripping…all

the hair that guards one there. Straight edge shaving

can be fun (and creative) for the top and extremely

arousing for the bottom, or cunt, as the case may be.

Learn how to cut patterns into any body hair, or how

to shave it clean at a play party. A scene unto itself,

shaving is also a lovely lead into sex. A freshly shaved

hole, for example, is highly aroused. $8 ($5 for active

LSM members). Women only. At The Center, 208 W.

13th St. Interpreted into American Sign Language.

Wheelchair accessible. Info:

Friday 6.20 NYC

DFS presents “Can’t Start a fire without a spark” with

BobH. For many, the two things that provoke the most

fear and allure are fire and electric play. This demo will

show how to combine both at the same time in a scene.

The feeling of your body submitting to the feel and

control of electricity. The prickly feelings that make your

muscles involuntarily react, combined with warm,

enveloping feel of the liquid tongue of fire is incredible.

7:45pm at Paddles, 250 W 26th St, between 7 & 8 Aves.

$8 ($4 for DSF & affiliate members). Info:

Saturday 6.21

GMSMA hosts a fundraiser for Folsom St. East VII and

the Leather Archives & Museum. Four demonstrations

will be featured as well as a display table of items from

the Leather Archive & Museum. Light food and a raffle

ticket for drawing of a special prize. 8-midnight at The

Eagle, 28 St between 10 and 11 Aves. $10 includes a

drink ticket. Info:

Saturday 6.21 NYC

TES Spanking Group presents: ” Spanking and the

Spiritual Union” with Goddess Shakti. What is the

magical bondthat is formed when the warm palm of a

Domme strikes the bottom of her Bottom? In the best

of all possible worlds, during a spanking an energy is

created between the Top and Bottom that connects

them. 7P:30-10pm at Paddles, 250 W 26 St, between

7 & 8 Aves. $8 ($4 for members of TES and other

SM/leather orgs and anybody with an LPN ticket stub).


Saturday 6.21 NYC

TES Novice Excursion. Come alone or as a couple.

No dress code. Meet 9pm at Chelsea Gallery

Restaurant, 72 Seventh Ave., between 14 & 15 Sts.

At around 10:30pm, after dinner, coffee or a snack,

they’ll go over to Paddles together. Info:

Sunday 6.22 NYC

GMSMA’s Folsom Street East, an S/M-Leather-Fetish

Block Party. 2-8pm on 13th Street between 9 Ave &

Washington St, and Washington St between 14 &

Little West 12 Sts. Suggested donation is $5. Info:

Sunday 6.22 NYC

The season opener of Sex & The City on HBO at

9pm features one last look at the L.U.R.E. This shoot

was the very last thing that happened at the L.U.R.E.

Producer/director Michael David was very kind to allow

the bar to be identified on the video. See 40 of your

buddies doing what they used to do at the L.U.R.E.

This Monday and every Monday Cyberspace

Back by popular demand (maybe not so popular but

surely demanding…): The Eulenspiegel Not Til chat

room on AOL 10pm-Midnight. NOT a TES event but an

unofficial place online where many TES members and

friends hang out and talk. No set topic. It is a good

place to ask questions, debate the answers, ask and

receive advice, compare notes about the scene, gossip

about last week, plan the upcoming week, flirt a little,

be serious and not so serious. On AOL in the Town

Square area of the People Connection in a “member

room” – not private: aol://2719:61-2-Eulenspiegel not

til. Add this location to your Favorite Places Folder so

that it’s easy to come back.

Tuesday 6.24 NYC

TES Meeting: “”The Most Important Toy in Your Toy Bag

…Your Brain” with Bo (aka Master J. Floggers, paddles,

whips, clothes pins!!! All great fun, however if you

haven’t learned how to communicate with your partner,

get into their heads find out what they really want and

need, you are missing the best part of BDSM!

negotiation is a LOT more than finding someone’s limits.

It’s the beginning of a wonderful journey! 7:30pm at

75 Bleecker St, just east of Broadway. $8 ($4 for

members of TES and other SM/leather orgs). Info:

212-388-7022 or

Wednesday 6.25 NYC

TES Switchables Group presents “Corporal Play and

the Switchable.” $8 ($4 for members of TES and other

SM/leather orgs). Info: 212-388-7022 or

Wednesday 6.25 NYC

GMSMA presents “Guy Stuff: Punch Me Harder .”

Everyone likes a nice ass spanking now and then. But

what about a punch in the face or to the gut? Is this

just raw aggression or is it playing with the sexual

tensions between men? Or maybe a longed-for rite of

passage? And what about those gay boys who wrestle

or box? How much is sport and how much erotic?

7:30pm at The Center, 208 W 13 St, between 7 &

Greenwich Aves. $7 ($5 for members of GMSMA).





The Sovereign House review of Leather Retreat:

The penis song:

Chuck Renslow’s speech at IML 2003:

Have fun! Play safe!

Lolita Wolf

Lolita speaking only for Lolita, of course!

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