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June 11, 2003

Volume 9, Number 22

© Copyright 2003 by Lolita Wolf

Material may not be reproduced in whole or in part

without prior written consent of the copyright

holder. The views expressed herein are exclusively

those of the author and do not represent the views

of any other person or any organization with which

the author may be associated.




“The hardest part about gaining any new idea is

sweeping out the false idea occupying that niche.

As long as that niche is occupied, evidence and

proof and logical demonstration get nowhere. But

once the niche is emptied of the wrong idea that

has been filling it – once you can honestly say, “I

don’t know,” then it becomes possible to get at

the truth.

– Robert A. Heinlein




One of my favorite events is Leather Retreat,

affectionately called “camp.” This year they held it

at a different camp. The food was much better.

The facilities for activities are not as plentiful. The

cabins are not as nice, but the beds are infinitely

better. However, the owners, management and

staff were friendly and really great! Thumbs up for

the new camp! Thumbs down for the weather,

which was a lot of rain! And a lot of mud!

Once again I organized the Oink Cabin. Who you

share a cabin with at camp is very important. I like

sharing with people who are considerate. It also

did not hurt that two cabin mates brought a sling

for our cabin. Our biggest drama is that our cabin

decoration, a stuffed pig, was kidnapped on

Thursday. We were left a ransom note in its place.

After a cabin meeting, we drafted a statement from

the occupants of Oink Cabin. Barbara Nitke, our

official Oink Cabin Spokesperson, read the

statement at lunch on Friday. It basically said that

the pig was not a pet, just livestock, and that we

were not emotionally attached to it. And that the

only reason that the pig even made it to camp this

year was because he somehow miraculously

survived last year. Enjoy the pig. It is the policy

of Oink Cabin not to negotiate. We got the pig

back and nobody bothered with it again. By

Sunday it was wallowing in the mud outside our

cabin and a whole bunch of us had pissed on it.

The pig will definitely not be with us next year.

On Wednesday I taught a class called “Beating

Ass” and Neptune walked away with marks that

lasted a whole week. After dinner, we attended

the Meet & Greet which was a big circle with lots of

questions. I cheated and passed the embarrassing

ones to Neptune. Later in the evening, we had

some sling action in the dungeon.

On Thursday, Neptune taught the first of two

Florentine Flogging classes. I just sat and watched.

In the afternoon, I clippered his hair down into a

Mohawk. He looked so fierce! I napped until dinner.

After dinner, I participated in the NCSF Coalition

Partner call. There were three CP reps at camp and

we all did the call together.

I sent Neptune to the Naked Men’s Party,

someplace I was not allowed to go to. He was

totally naked, but I added boots, his leather

motorcycle jacket and a collar with bells on. Yum

yum! He looked woofy. He came back later and we

went down to the bonfire on the only camp night

without rain. We had s/mores. Interestingly

enough, he told me more women groped him at

the bonfire than men at the men’s party.

On Friday afternoon, I taught my “Taking It Up The

Ass” class. I got thru all the why’s and the how’s

and was just finishing up the safety so we could get

to the demo, when one of the attendees passed out.

Luckily, Neptune and another medical team staffer

were both there to help. An ambulance was called

to camp and everything turned out okay. It is

interesting that the majority of medical incidents at

camp and at other events is not related to play.

I was still feeling frisky, so Boymeat and I played

outside under a tree. I beat the crap out of him.

First his back with floggers and then he turned

around so I could punch his chest. We ended with

a single tail. And then it began to rain.

Friday night was Mardi Gras night with the Stripper

Showcase. I told Neptune weeks earlier that I

wanted him to enter. I babbled to him with ideas

of what to do and what to wear until he said,

“Master, please do not micromanage me.” So, I

backed off and did not think about it …much. I was

so excited when the time finally came. He chose

Kid Rock for his music, a song that started slow.

He came out moving slowly and bowed to each of

the judges. He wore jeans, a t-shirt, a button

down and dark sunglasses. He stripped off the

shirt and the jeans and then whipped the

sunglasses off and tossed them behind right into

the pool! He was very acrobatic with a lot of

tumbling and fancy moves that wowed the crowd.

And he stripped down all the way to a jockstrap

and then did a back flip with a twist right into the

pool. He stayed down a little while and came back

out without the jockstrap but wearing the sunglasses.

Woo woo! He tied for first place. I was very proud

of my studly boy.

On Saturday morning, I went to the Pamporium.

The Pamporium is like a spa. It is staffed by campers

doing their “chores.” Everyone at camp has 2 two

hour shifts of chores to do. There is a big variety of

jobs, including working at the Pamporium. I had a

facial first and then a foot massage and then a hot

waxing. I really lucked out with the wax because

they had an extra volunteer. So I was waxed by a

couple (Lucinda and Jason) – twice the pampering!


In the afternoon, with the rain still on, I put

Neptune in the sling back at our cabin and did some

electrical play with him. We had a lot of cool action

in our cabin. The auction was held Saturday night.

We had won a bunch of money but did not want to

buy anyone. We gave our money to a good friend

and headed to the Barn, where I strung Neptune up

by his ankles. We then continued up to the big

dungeon and I negotiated for me and Neptune to be

suspended in Abilina’s rope and metal cage. We got

to spend some alone time above all the action.

Later that night, after midnight snacks, I gave Peace

her birthday spanking in my bed. My bed was a big

inflatable mattress on to of two regular twin beds

pushed together. I had four pillows and two flannel

top sheets and two comforters. It was very cozy

and a nice place to play. Peace liked her spanking

and I liked delivering it.

Peace had told Lucinda about the morning ritual

(coffee and canes). Lucinda loved that idea and

asked Neptune if she could bring me coffee and

partake in the morning caning. Neptune floated

the idea past me and I gave him the go-ahead to

negotiate on my behalf. I also told him to have her

bring a coffee for him as well. 8:15am! On vacation

and he tells her eight fucking fifteen AM. “But Sir,

you have a 10am play date.”

Sunday morning at 8:15am, Lucinda showed up

with coffee for us. I propped my self up with all the

pillows, sipped coffee and caned Lucinda. You know

how they teach you to “read your bottom?” Well,

reading Lucinda is a piece of cake; she smiles and

wiggles and coos.

The 10am play date was with a piss scene with

Boymeat. Only a dork schedules piss play at that

hour of the morning. But we went to breakfast and

I drank three cans of orange soda and then two

bottles of orange-carrot Snapple. Boymeat lay

down in the mud outside our cabin and various

people took turns pissing on him. I could not go

right away. I just kept drinking. Morning piss play

is not optimal for me. I like to let it out real slow

and make it last a long time. Boymeat had told us

all from the neck down. My favorite spot to pee is

right on the chest where it will run down to that little

nook in his neck right above the sternum and

overflow. Others took their turns. By the end of the

scene, I had to go again, because once I start going

I can keep going. Poor Boymeat was getting a little

cold out there in the mud and asked me to pee on

his legs to warm them up. I obliged and then did his

toes. In the end, he broke last year’s record with 12

people pissing on him.

The weather had cleared up a bit and lunch was

outside with a Renn Faire theme. There were all

sorts of activities with a wandering poet and a

chess challenge and a mime and more. The

weather had thrown the schedule off and now

Sunday was packed with the Renn Faire, the SM

Games and the Pony Show. This meant that the

Pamporium had open slots. I felt that it would be

disastrous f those volunteers did not have

appointments so Neptune and I left the crowds

behind and got Henna tattoos from Amy. I got a

beautiful heart with vines on my hand and

Neptune got a Charlie Brown armband. These

tattoos last about 2 weeks or so. We followed

that with side-by-side foot massages. Purry

Rascal did a great job on my feet. FemCar was

supposed to do Neptune’s feet but instead

obtained permission from her Master and from me

to spend the half hour sucking Neptune’s dick.

Cool! I relaxed and watched my own little porn


We then headed over to the Pony Show which I

love to watch. The show was great with a lot of

diversity. Star (aka Lucinda) won Most Promising

Novice and gave me a ride in a cart. After only two

days of training, she was quite the ponygirl.

Before camp, Neptune asked for permission to set

up a scene to surprise me. I agreed because I trust

him and I knew he would figure out something fun.

Something fun turned out to be Julia. They “did” me

good. We went out and visited “neighbors”

and came back to our bed to find our 1:30am date

already in my bed. We “did” her good and then we

all slept cuddled together.

Monday was the last day and the weather was

finally sunny! We got our towels and jumped in the

pool. The water was very chilly. And then, “Daddy,

my clit is dirty.” So, we walked up the hill to the

PCW (Portable Clit Washer). It is a powerful stream

of heated water with a shower head. There was a

piece of bondage furniture and it was just lovely on

a sunny day. Perfect, except for one thing: it was

situated right outside the men only cabin. Oy!

Soon after, we packed up the car and headed





John Ferrari passed away last Friday. He was an

activist, a player and a gentleman. He is survived

by his long time lover, Thomas Ferrari. Thomas is

planning on building a Memorial web page which

will include photos of John. He asks that, in lieu of

flowers, please consider a financial tribute/memorial

and send to Thomas Ferrari, 594 Molino Road, Palm

Springs, CA 92262




By Lenny Waller

It is today that I learned of the passing of “John

Pascerella”. The former operator of J’s Hangout, on

14th Street & Hudson Street. John leaves behind

his lover “Dennis” & his brother. John will surely be

missed, Some of the older members of our community

may remember him from, Hell, The Desert Rat, The

Mine Shaft, & The Stable. He was a man who

appreciated community Values and appreciated our


**** Thanks to Lenny Waller for allowing me to

publish this. ****





Here are the remaining opportunities for those of

you who haven’t yet volunteered. Please contact

Lolita and Andrew at and to let them know your 1st,

2nd, and 3rd choices, and they’ll get back to you

right away to confirm:

– Location Set-up with Susan 1- 4pm – need 2


– Will Call Assistant – help with items from auction

after bid 10-11 – need 1 person

– Food (Snack) Replenishment with SusieQ

8:30-10pm and 10-11:30 – need 1 person per shift

– Security 7:30-10pm need 3 people –

10pm-12:30pm need 5 people

– Flea Market Breakdown 11:30- Midnight –

need 4 people

– Breakdown Midnight-12:30am – need 1 person

– Box office 8-9:30 – – need 1 person

With your assistance, it’s going to be a great night

for all. Email your response to Lolita Wolf at and Andrew Harwin at with your 1st, 2nd, and

3rd choices. Don’t delay- and thanks in advance!




CWA attacks are continuing against hotels that

host SM events. The CWA has a petition up now

targeting IML that will be sent to their host hotels.


NCSF is producing an outreach booklet about

alternative lifestyle events and the hospitality

industry. If your group has had an especially

good experience with a particular hotel manager

or convention director, NCSF is asking that that

hospitality industry professional be solicited for a

letter or email commenting on their hotel’s

experience with your group and event. NCSF

would like to include some of this feedback from

places we patronize by way of demonstrating that

hotels have good experiences with alternative

lifestyle groups that they book.

The deadline for this project is short. NCSF hopes

to collect endorsements, feedback statements, and

positive comments during the weeks of June 9 and

June 16. (next 2 weeks).

Your timely assistance is very important in helping

NCSF respond to some time-sensitive concerns in

the hospitality industry. If you area an event

organizers, please call or email your favorite hotel

or convention managers *immediately*, and ask

if they would provide comments about your group

in email or on letterhead (letterhead is fine but not

necessary; email is more convenient and quicker to

work with).

Please be sure to inform the hotel representative

that NCSF will be reproducing some of thecollected

comments in an informational brochure, and that

the individual’s name and official title (and their

hotel name, of course) are needed on the comments.

Follow up on this later in the week, so that your

hotel contact provides feedback in a timely manner.

(Comments that arrive more than a couple weeks

out may arrive too late to be of immediate

assistance, though they may still be of use in future


Forward comments and endorsements via email to If you end up with hardcopy

materials, please contact her so she can work out

with you how best to get written material to her.




Wicked Womyn is a Women’s SM Conference

October 3-6, 2003 in Seattle, Washington. 350-500

women are expected to attend. A 32,000 square foot

facility with 25-foot ceilings has been secured (and it

is completely handicapped accessible).

Wicked Womyn is open for leather women of

persuasions & all nationalities who enjoy women to

women S/M. All S/M dykes, straight, bi-sexual and

trans-sexual women are welcome. FTM transgender

bois/men who feel they have a place in the S/M

women’ community are also welcome. Info:




Miss Cleo sent me a little trivia asking me if I knew

what was the first man made object that broke the

sound barrier. She said it was not a cannon shell,

not a bullet, not a missile and not an airplane.

She told me it was a whip! The crack you hear is

the tip of the whip breaking the sound barrier.




Debuting October 9-12, 2003, a new film festival,

CineKink NYC, will feature a specially selected

program of films and videos that explore and

celebrate a wide diversity of alternative sexuality.

In addition to screenings, plans for the event also

include a short film competition, presentations,

parties and a gala kick-off fundraiser.

CineKink is dedicated to the recognition and

encouragement of kink-positive depictions in film

and television, topics touched upon by the festival

will include S/M, leather and fetish, bondage and

discipline, dominance and submission, role play,

swinging, polyamory and gender bending.

With offerings drawn from both Hollywood and

beyond, works presented at CineKink NYC will

range from documentary to drama, camp comedy

to porn and everything in between. Info:




Thanks to my sponsors!

924-215Y Dr. Vittoria Repetto, 285 West B’way

#530, NYC 10013, 212-431-3724, Dedicated to providing

my patients with the holistic therapies and

personalized education they need to regain and

maintain their optimal health. I respect all

consensual choices. One of the Top Ten NYC

Chiropractors: New Life Magazine, Sept 2001.

925-218Y Purple Passion / DV8, we have one of

the largest selections of corsets, leather, latex &

PVC clothing for men and women. We do custom

corsets, clothing and harnesses. Our current

featured artists are Michelle Serchuck and Adriana

Skura. Hours: Wed Noon-7pm, Thurs & Fri

Noon-9pm, Sat Noon-8pm Sun Noon-7pm. Mon &

Tues Noon-7pm. 211 West 20th Street.

Tel 212-807-0486,


hour instructional video is now available. Learn

basic & advanced throws. Learn how to practice.

Learn how to use a signal whip on someone from

light & sensual to heavy & intense. Includes four

actual scenes. Only $35.00 + shipping & handling.

924-257T Touch your submissive with the power

of thought. Now you can own a radio controlled TENS

like E-Toy for only $75. The Wired Dom/Domme

(TWD-1) is available from Uncle Abdul…….. The man

who wrote THE book on E-Play (“JUICE”). Visit

http://www.Uncle now for more info and

important sense saving safety tips on violet wand use.


Counseling; 20 yrs. of caring for L/G/B/T, BDSM &

Poly communities. Offices in Highland Park,

Freehold and Jersey City, NJ. 24 therapists on staff.

Dr. Margaret Nichols, Director. Call (800) 379-9220

932-262H Ms Mir, Certified Massage Therapist –

Spiritual Hands, “Synchronize Your Body With Your

Soul.” Serene and private, a revitalize touch of

Swedish, Foot Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage,

Deep Tissue – Neuromuscular & Japanese Anma

Massage. Gift certificates available & home visits

if necessary. Appointment only – weekend &

evenings available. Teaneck, NJ (5) minutes from

the George Wash. Bridge. 201 280-1976 or Brochure available upon

request w/ introductory offer.

923-265A Explore the heat, heart, & spirit of SM.

Cleo Dubois Academy and Sybil Holiday offer EROTIC


2003 (Players course); October 2-5, 2003

(Professional course) In San Francisco, CA. Limited

to 8 students only. These intimate four day courses

develop play skills & personal empowerment. Info:

Cleo Dubois Academy of SM Arts

924-266B Madame Sang is leaving La Domaine

Esemar. Master R is conducting an extensive search

for her replacement. If you are interested in being

Head Mistress at an S/m training chateau, living in

upstate NY, training house/personal slaves, guest

couples, clients, etc., send an email, with

background skills, to:

925-267B Subscribe to SteelSkys Lifestyle Events:

Subscribe to SteelSkys Leather Playground:

922-268A June 14, 8 pm. Warm up for LPN with

Barbara Bell — singer, songwriter, bondage slut,

and author of the D/s classic, “Stacking in Rivertown.”

Barb’s singing and guitar playing have been called

“dynamic, earthy, and moving.” Catch her before

the ball gag goes in, Saturday, June 14, 8-9 PM at

The Baggot Inn, 82 W. 3rd St, between Sullivan and

Thompson, a block south of Washington Square Park.

Come out and support one of our own!

926-269B Saturday July 26 – Libertine Ball V: A

Midsummer Mardi Gras Masquerade – Philadelphia’s

sizzling summer fantasy Ball. Join international

performers, players, deejays, dancers and

dungeonmeisters for a fabulous frolic though our

HUGE new venue.18 to enter/ 21 to drink. $20 thru

6/30, $30 7/21-25 or $40 @door. A portion of the

proceeds will provide seed money for the Diabolique

Ball Kickoff.

Your ad could be here! Email me if you are interested.




Friday 6.13 NYC

Northeast Regional LeatherSir and Leatherboy

Competition. 9pm at The Slide, 356 Bowery at East 4th

Street. $15 at door only. Info:

Friday 6.13 NYC

DFS presents Six of the best” or “May I have another,

Sir” – with Sir Daniel and his slaves. A discussion of the

types of canes, how to set up a caning scene, mental

meaning of caning scenes, and a demonstration of

different caning styles.. 7:45pm at Paddles, 250 W 26th

St, between 7 & 8 Aves. $8 ($4 for DSF & affiliate

members). Info:

Friday 6.13 NYC

Applemunch 6pm at Moonstruck Diner, 23rd St. and

9th Ave (in the back). Info:

Saturday 6.14 NYC

TES Intermediate Skills Workshop: “Bondage” with

Master Steelow. Advanced bondage skills, ties,

techniques, and safety will be discussed and

demonstrated. Bring some rope, a partner to work

with or just bring yourself for this interactive workshop.

2-5pm at The LGBT Center: 208 W 13 St, between 7 &

Greenwich Aves. $20 ($15 for members of TES and

other SM/leather. Info:

Saturday 6.14 NYC

DefendersNY, Gay Male S/M Activists, Imperial Court of

NY, Iron Guard BC, Lesbian Sex Mafia, MetrobearsNY,

NY Panthers LC, NY Renegades, Pariah’s MC,

Promethean Guard, Society Nocturnus of Gotham, and

The Eulenspiegel Society sponsor the 20th annual

Leather Pride Night Auction to benefit Heritage of Pride

(HOP), the NYC AIDS Monument Committee, the Pride

Center of New Jersey, the Foundation for Research on

Sexually Transmitted Disease (FROST’D), Teens

Prepared for Life (TPL) and the New York City Gay and

Lesbian Anti-Violence Project (AVP). 7:30pm -Midnight

at The Puck Building, 293 Lafayette Street (at Houston

Street, one block east of Broadway). Wheelchair

accessible. $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Info:

Saturday 6.14 NYC

TES Annual Leather Pride Night Party hosted by Master

Jim. This is the biggest and best play party of the year…

Don’t miss it! Midnight- 5am at Paddles, 250 W 26 St,

between 7 & 8 Aves. $35 ($20 for members of TES and

other SM/leather orgs and anybody with an LPN ticket

stub). Info:

Saturday 6.14 NYC

LSM Post Leather Pride Night Women’s Play Party.

This is our biggest and best party of the year. There

are sooo many women in from out of town who want

to play with LSM! Midnight – 4am at Arena, 12 E 32 St,

between 5 & Madison Aves, buzzer #7. $20 ($10 for

active LSM members). Info:

Sunday 6.15 NYC

LSM Post Leather Pride Night Community Meet & Greet

for the Northeast LeatherSir and Leatherboy participants.


This Monday and every Monday Cyberspace

Back by popular demand (maybe not so popular but

surely demanding…): The Eulenspiegel Not Til chat

room on AOL 10pm-Midnight. NOT a TES event but an

unofficial place online where many TES members and

friends hang out and talk. No set topic. It is a good

place to ask questions, debate the answers, ask and

receive advice, compare notes about the scene, gossip

about last week, plan the upcoming week, flirt a little,

be serious and not so serious. On AOL in the Town

Square area of the People Connection in a “member

room” – not private: aol://2719:61-2-Eulenspiegel not til.

Add this location to your Favorite Places Folder so that

it’s easy to come back.

Tuesday 6.17 NYC

TES Meeting: “Sensory Deprivation & Control” with

Lolita Wolf. Controlling a bottom’s senses can

effectively change the whole psychology of a person.

The whole balance of a person can be transformed.

Other senses become intensified. This can be done for

erotic pleasure or “torture.” We’ll be exploring various

toys and techniques (both store-bought and

homemade) that you can use to enhance both the

reality and the fantasy in a scene. Of course, we will

deal with all the safety issues. 7:30pm at 75 Bleecker

St, just east of Broadway. $8 ($4 for members of TES

and other SM/leather orgs). Info: 212-388-7022 or

Wednesday 6.18 NYC

TES Dominant Women/submissive men’s Group

presents “Toy Cleaning and Care” with M. Blair and jim.

This is the third in a series on service skills for slaves/

submissives/bottoms. Servants should be able to

correctly clean, care for and store all implements used

by the person they serve. M. Blair and jim will give their

perspectives on the cleaning and care of a variety of

toys, including floggers, paddles, dildos and canes. $8

($4 for members of TES and other SM/leather orgs).

Info: 212-388-7022 or




The Atlanta scene gets more commercial:

A good follow up article about Denver after The

Labyrinth was closed.,1413,36~78~1446054,00.html has just published Elizabeth Stewart’s

(The Botich of Dupont Circle) interview

with Michele Serchuk and her review of Michele’s Diva

Photos show at Purple Passion/DV8.


Show review:

Thanks to Tone for this link. It may be another way to

torture Neptune:,24330,3450946,00.html

Have fun! Play safe!

Lolita Wolf

Lolita speaking only for Lolita, of course!

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