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June 4th, 2003 · No Comments


June 4, 2003

Volume 9, Number 21

© Copyright 2003 by Lolita Wolf

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“A house is a family for those who don’t have a


– Pepper LaBeija, in “Paris Is Burning”




Neptune and I hit the road to Washington, DC

on Wednesday. We love traveling in the car.

Car time is quality time. It is when we do some

of our best talking. We stayed with the Bitch of

Dupont Circle. Her sorority house is a very

welcoming place for us and she is a great host.

One highlight of the trip were going to Dave &

Busters with AJ. The three of us in kid mode.

Whee! Also went to dyke night at the DC Eagle

which had a nice turnout with both old friends and


On Friday night we went to The Crucible. We

were impressed with the upgrades that Frazier has

done to the place – especially the ladies room.

We had busted our butts to get there early for the

Suspension class with Lew Rubens and Maria

Shadoes ( They

were late and did more of a demo than a class. I

tied Neptune in a hog-tie and sat back and watched

him struggle to get out. Then, together, we topped

an ABW titleholder. We won’t say who so as to

protect their gay/lesbian status… And

then the two of us spanked AJ with her new

ToyBag paddle.




This year’s International Mr. Leather contest was

the 25th anniversary of the fabled institution, so a

big show was expected by all. And a big show was


After a lovely opening act that included hunky

men dressed in leather shorts and masks in a

grand power struggle, the festivities truly begun.

Chuck Renslow, the founder of the original Gold

Coast Leather Bar (now the Chicago Eagle) and

IML, came out for his traditional opening speech.

Some people attend the conference to see the

hunky men, parade on the stage. Some people

attend to root for their local titleholder. Others yet

come for the entertainment. While I go for a

combination of the above, Chuck’s speech is

always something that I look forward to.

Chuck spoke of the leather scene’s great

successes, giving wonderful attention to the

growing understanding and appreciation of the

bootblack community, and the burgeoning

leather-boy clubs. He then spoke of the issues

that still surround us. The first he talked about

was the ever-existent dangers involved in

barebacking. Chuck spoke very poignantly about

this topic – “Some people would call barebacking

an informed personal decision. I call it stupid.”

The next topic he spoke about was the abuse of

party drugs. In the past year, we have seen too

many deaths caused by drug overdoses…. and

have heard and read of many other near deaths.

Chuck spoke up against this… asked of those in

the audience who planned on making drugs a part

of their evening’s festivities to look around them,

take note of who is sitting next to them, because it

may be the last time they’ll ever see them again. (I

should note that during the weekend, I was almost

attacked by someone off his rocker on crystal meth,

right in the hotel lobby.)

When all the contestants were out on stage, Guy

Baldwin came out to speak about the Leather

Archives & Museum (Located in Chicago, Serving

the World). In one year, the Archives will need to

pay the lump sum payment at the end of the

mortgage. Guy asked the audience to their best to

help pay off the sum. He suggested that all

fundraising for the year go to the Archives – a

valiant thought, but, impractical considering the

many places money is needed (the National

Coalition for Sexual Freedom certainly comes to


With that, Mr. Marcus came out and did his

traditional role of announcing the 20 finalists (there

were a total of 58 contestants this year). Now, it

must be said here… everyone who stands up there

on that stage deserves praise and respect just for

that alone. I remember when running for Gotham

Leatherman just how stressful and nerve-racking it

is to be standing to be judged. But, there must be

finalists. Us NY’ers sat on the edge of our seats

as one by one names got called out… all of the

Europeans, Texas, Chicago, California… and then,

finally… number 17 out of 20… our own Mr. LURE

Walt Weiss made the cut!

While I hear the entertainment was great, AJ and

I took the breaks as a chance to run out for a

smoke and hang out with all our friends in the

Congress Theater lobby! It’s always great to see

everyone in their finest leathers, cruising and

groping! I did a bit of that myself…

David Hawks came out to announce the

International Mr. Bootblack contest. The outgoing

Mr. Bootblack, NY’s Michael Lanzini had a lovely

step-down speech and spoke of his growth over the

year. To assist Michael in crowing the new winner,

Kari, the current International Ms. Bootblack walked

across the stage. She looked absolutely ravishing in

her hobble skirt and brand new Dehners… all the

boys were whistling and cat calling! When it was

all said and done, the muscled hunk from San

Francisco, Richie Chameroy took the title! After the

contest, all the contestants posed with Michael,

David, Kari, and the contest assistants in a group

photo. The photographers were certainly busy… I

lost count when they took the twelfth photo! Poor

Cristo, Mid-Atlantic Leather Bootblack (who was

there assisting), blinked for a long time after that.

NCSF had a banner year at this IML. Two

contestants chose to talk about the group in their

judged speeches on stage (quote of the night –

Donate today, suck dick tomorrow). Stephen

Weber, IML ’02 in his step-down speech

announced that he has signed up to be a NCSF

spokesperson! He’ll be working on the LEOP

program, promoting education to gay police

organizations. Thank you Stephen!!!!

Finally… it came down to the grand conclusion,

the sashing of International Mr. Leather 2003. 2nd

runner up is Stephen Blackwell from Los Angeles,

who spoke very eloquently about how boys can

also be leathermen (Stephen is the founder of the

LA Boys of Leather.) 1st runner up is Donald

Detson of Florida. International Mr. Leather 2003

is John Pendal, of London, a tall, woofy redhead!

Learn more about John at

I wonder how he’s gonna get his brand new Harley-

Davidson (a part of the prize package) over to

England.. that is one heck of a drive!

Bill Stadt and company put on an amazing show

for their 25th anniversary year! And once again,

Frank Nowicki did an excellent job as MC… being

called by many that weekend the Premier Leather





by Drew Kramer

In the Lobby

breathing smoke filled air

are a dozen Colt models

and the rest of us

In the Vendor Area

three times our eyes met

twice we smiled and said hello

third time we suck face

Taking Care

I’m living on love

because I’m sure not getting

enough food or sleep


I wonder how long

I’ll wish I’d bought that flogger

a very long time

Big Rubberman

his sweat matted hair

under his green latex shirt:

grass in a koi pool

Californian Probably

he shaved his gut smooth

but left a treasure trail.

not a good effect.


I want to beat you

not because I don’t like you

but because I do


why is that hot boy

wearing that asshole’s collar

when he could wear mine?


Why is it you seemed

so much more intelligent

not wearing a shirt?

International Mr. Leather 2003

I’m beating a man

and hear the news second hand:

Mr. Hoist wins it

**** Thank you to Drew Kramer for allowing me

to publish this. See for more of Drew.





FifthAngel has become huffy and is pouting

because I reported his age as 38 and it’s actually

35. Sorry that I got your age wrong.

Mistress Lashes has accused me of all sorts of

stuff including anti-woman discrimination because

I left out the name of the other artist (Adriana

Skura) in the show at Purple Passion. Sorry

that I forgot her name.




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Thursday 6.5 NYC

SUBMIT Women and Trannie SM and Sex Party

featuring “Queer SM Fear Factor: What They Want

To Show You on T.V. BUT CAN’T” with Judges and

Prizes. 9pm-2am (doors close at 1 am) at Studio

253, 253 E. Houston St, between Aves A & B. $15.

Info: or 718.789.4053

Friday 6.6 NYC

Dark Connections first munch. Dark

Connections is a Black BDSM organization created

to cultivate the understanding and enjoyment of

bondage and discipline, Dominance and

submission and sado-masochism by People of

Color. 9pm at Cafe Buon Gusto, 249 W 26th St,

between 7 & 8 Aves. After dinner and drinks, they

will go to Paddles. Info:

This Monday and every Monday Cyberspace

Back by popular demand (maybe not so popular

but surely demanding…): The Eulenspiegel Not Til

chat room on AOL 10pm-Midnight. NOT a TES

event but an unofficial place online where many

TES members and friends hang out and talk. No

set topic. It is a good place to ask questions,

debate the answers, ask and receive advice,

compare notes about the scene, gossip about last

week, plan the upcoming week, flirt a little, be

serious and not so serious. On AOL in the Town

Square area of the People Connection in a

“member room” – not private:

aol://2719:61-2-Eulenspiegel not til. Add this

location to your Favorite Places Folder so that it’s

easy to come back.

Tuesday 6.10 NYC

TES Meeting: “SM without DS” a panel hosted by

Jeff with Boymeat, Dakota, Delano, PeteMosq.

If you’ve ever said “screw the power exchange, just

give me some good old pain”, or are interested in

this concept and the issues involved with it, this

meeting for you. 7:30pm at 75 Bleecker St, just

east of Broadway. $8 ($4 for members of TES and

other SM/leather orgs). Info: 212-388-7022 or

Wednesday 6.11 NYC

TES Novice Group presents “Novice

Exploratorium 2.” Part II of continuing Novice

education – more skills will be explored and in

more depth…Master Bo and Lady D will help

everyone – even the shyest novice…You can

never have too much knowledge! 7:30pm at 75

Bleecker St, just east of Broadway. $8 ($4 for

members of TES and other SM/leather orgs).

Info: 212-388-7022 or

Wednesday 6.11 NYC

GMSMA Annual Meeting with State-of-the-

Organization reports, opening and counting of

Board election ballots, and a chance for all to

speak their minds. Also, the presentation of awards

to members who have made a special contribution

to GMSMA this year. 7:30pm at at The Center,

208 W 13 St, between 7 & Greenwich Aves. No

door fee.. Info:




Many suspected that the mob was involved with

The Vault:

The Labyrinth in Denver is closed down because

of zoning issues. Too bad because it was a really

nice space:,1413,36%257E53%257E1421312,00.html

Have fun! Play safe!

Lolita Wolf

Lolita speaking only for Lolita, of course!

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