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My IMsL 2008 Trip – Part 6

May 19th, 2008 · No Comments

J bought me at the IMsL Celebrity Auction for $200. We agreed to play late on Friday night. So, Daddy and I played with Lily first. Daddy is keen on learning rope from me, so I have been teaching her a bit as we go along. We did a partial suspension. A lot of people love full suspensions, because they are flashy. The partial was not as fancy, but it was very stringent for Lily in her black patent fuck-me pumps. And she needs something challenging.

And then it was time to play with J. We entered the women’s dungeon (At IMsL, there are three dungeons: women’s, men’s and open to all.) and talked first. She explained that she bought me because she wanted a good flogging from a skilled top. She is a switch and an experienced player. I totally related to this, because I am just like her and I too have a tough time finding people who I want to bottom to. We looked at her toys and we looked at my toys. Hearing what someone has to say about various toys gives me a little basis for starting a scene, but usually it’s best when a bottom reacts enough so that I can read them.

It was peak time in the dungeon and it was crowded. We agreed that the best spot for our scene was a piece of wall. J stripped to her waist and I got behind her. Before I start flogging, I like to touch. I got close and my hands roamed her back and shoulders and neck and arms. She has really soft skin. I started light and gave her a warm-up. I ramped up slowly playing with both her her toys and mine. At one point, I used a toy off hers that had a flogger handle and a thick long piece of leather that made a great sound. I used it and kept rolling it in my hand to get different sounds. This toy was making me happy and she could tell that I was enjoying myself. Well, I was laughing as I used it! After a while, I switched to a single tail and J enjoyed that as well.

After the scene, J asked me if I had ever played with a toy like that. I told her no, that it was totally new to me. She was surprised because they are very typical and it only cost her $10. I thought that perhaps it was a regional thing. She gifted me the toy. That was really nice of her and I will think of her every time I use it.

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