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DOSC 07 – Overview

September 20th, 2007 · No Comments

It seems appropriate that the first post about Dark Odyssey Summer Camp 07 should start with the Oink cabin. It is Oink that grounds me and is central to my experience at camp. Always. I am blessed to be surrounded by special people. The mix changes with each camp, but the vibe is always comforting to me. And I feel that everybody in the cabin gets it.

I still laugh when I remember KD, a camp virgin, told me, “Oink is such a queer-friendly cabin!”
I answered her, “Well, if it weren’t for Ken, we would actually be a queer cabin.”

A sense of humor is always a key ingredient. That and the sense of mutual caring that all my cabin mates brought to the space.

I spent less time on the front porch than I had envisioned. I made fewer plans and left time for spontaneity, naps and taking things slow. As always there were many things to do and many people whom I wanted to spend more time with, but did not have time for. But I have no regrets. There are many next times. In the plus side, I made some brilliant new connections and reconnected with others. My priorities happened.

I thought that I had overpacked warm bedding, but I needed it all. It was colder this year than ever. I overpacked toys as usual. The whip bag went untouched but I was prepared for everything else.

I was pleased with how my classes went. It thrills me when I get positive feedback from the attendees. Most of my classes were scheduled for Friday and Saturday morning which left the rest of my days free.

I attended only two classes. Bobby’s class on Dominance was held in the Sex-O-Rama where the lighting was low and the furniture comfy. I fell asleep. That was bad of me. Oops! The other class was “How to Whore” with Marcus. That kept me on the edge of my seat. Sex and Money excites me.

After this year’s Leather Retreat, I expected the food to be awful. It was greatly improved. Not great. But, again, we do not go to camp for the food.

My buddies in the Perverts Saloon won the Best New Cabin ribbon for having a lot of sex. Ken grumbled, “How come nobody ever told me about that cabin?”
“But, Ken, I’ve been talking all weekend about the cabin that had all those beautiful bi guys!”
“Oh! Never mind.”

Barbara Nitke used to be my favorite Oinker to tease. Now, it’s Ken.

I’ll be posting more about Dark Odyssey. However, I don’t think I’ll post in chronological order.

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