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A cum that doesn’t end

April 21st, 2007 · No Comments

“Get a towel and put it on the bed, because I don’t want you sliming that fancy fluffy white duvet of yours.”

Your bed is high off the ground. That’s good for sex and play. I bend you over the bed and my hand spanks your ass. You react with a cry of shock. It’s been a while since you’ve had this. You want this.
“Oh. Oh. Oh.”
Can you take it? Sure you can. It feels so good.

I reach for the toys that you had laid out for me. The paddle first, and then the strop and the cane. I do like beating ass and you sure have a nice ass for beating. I vary the hits and when I hit hard, you are gasp and straighten up. But soon you get back into position wanting more. And I give you more. I beat you until you are bruised and there are little cane marks in an even row.

And then we’re done. You don’t think you are done. You want more. You are a pig. But I’m in charge here and I decide when we’re done. I lead you over to the sling and help you in. Your cunt is right there, shaved and exposed, waiting. I snap on some gloves and lube up. I poke one finger in and you moan. Oh, you need this. A second finger and I explore your insides. I am finding all the spots. I add another finger and begin to fuck you with a rhythm. I take my thumb off your cllt and add the Hitachi and continue fucking you. You are cumming over and over, like it’s one big cum. A cum that doesn’t end. And then I push my thumb against your asshole and you are still cumming. It’s very intense. I love doing this. I love to watch your face and feel your insides.

Afterwards we lie on the bed for a bit. Then you bring me fizzy water and big red fresh strawberries. I relax while you give me a back rub. Ahhh!

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