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Cruising – Hands-on

April 13th, 2007 · No Comments

At IMsL, I went to Edge’s Cruising 101 workshop. Edge is a genius and he makes me laugh. He explained to us that there are three kinds of cruising: street cruising, bar cruising and event cruising. I absorbed it all and tried some of it.

Street cruising: We walked down towards Polk Street and we passed these two cute girls. I turned; they did’t. I turned again and they were looking in a window. I was ready to go back and look in the window but Daddy stopped me, because we were on our way to dinner and there’s no time. Clearly, I need to try cruising without Daddy.

Bar cruising: Well, I never made it to the leather bar, but the hospitality suite had this huge patio that was perfectly laid out. It had flow. Flow is crucial for good bar cruising. I went to the Cigar and Boots party and walked around and went with the flow. Then I found my spot and went into the leaning kata. Edge saw me and laughed. He knew exactly what I was doing and was amused. I gave the nod of acknowledgement. So, my sensei recognized what I was doing, but nobody else did. Anyway, I had to leave to meet up with a playdate.

Event cruising: Edge says a hotel event can live or die by its lobby. A good lobby has couches where you can sit and cruise. I sat with EK on the couch in the lobby. And sure enough, I was approached by a leatherdyke with her boy. She introduced herself and her boy and then started talking about I dunno what. She was very nervous and stumbled over the words. I finally had to ask, “What is it that you want from me?”
“A scene.”
I looked at her and then the boy, “With whom?”
“My girl, Miss E.”
I laughed. “Of course! A spanking for Miss E. How about 8pm-ish in the dungeon?”

This is just as Edge said it would be. At events, you just find someone else to matchmake for you. That’s how he found his playdate on Friday night.

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